The Dream

Finding and selling products we love and truly believe in!

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The Products

Unique, stylish, affordable! No tarnish, no rust and very easy to clean alloy. And, a great alternative for wearers with allergies!  

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The Difference

Flexibility - You pick your favorite pendants and pair it with any kind of necklace, ring or band! 

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The Promise

Customer Happiness ... 

We want to see you smile! 

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The Dream
The Product
The Difference
The Promise


This has been a dream for many years and has finally come true! 

Our mission is to find striking, trendy and contemporary products from all over the world. 


To start out, we picked a collection of sophisticated, stylish Stainless Steel jewelry.


The fresh and modern look of these pieces will boost self-confidence and emphasize the natural appeal in every wearer. Be part of the dream and let’s "live the sweet life”!  Click here to get started.


Product images and descriptions provided by our suppliers could be manipulated and/or misleading.

For this reason, we get samples first and test each piece before we choose it for our online store. How are we testing Stainless Steel Jewelry? Good question! The style of each item has to go well with weight and the size of the piece. 


Jewelry that we select for our store is described to the best of our knowledge; and we photograph each item in two different ways to the best of our ability.




Each of our stainless steel or tungsten pendants can be paired with several different kind of necklaces. If you find a pendant you like, we show you a selection of chains, rings and man-made leather bands that could go with your favorite piece. For many of our pendants you could choose multiple styles of chains. If necessary we'll assemble pendant and chain for you in case the clasp, or whatever closure is used, does not fit through the pendant’s loop or bail.


We'll do our best to describe each product as detailed as possible for you to really “see what you get”. That’s the reason why we take all pictures ourselves. You’ll find different angels, close-ups and the feature to enlarge each piece. We are striving for complete customer satisfaction!


Although we're working really hard to find the best, most satisfying products, you may change your mind when you receive your order. In this case you have 14 days to return your purchase for a full refund. We only ask you to handle the product with care and to ship it back well protected.


If our customers smile, we smile! Please tell your friends about DolVita.



Jewelry is made from a wide variety of metals. They vary greatly in price, strength and a number of other attributes. Each of these metals requires differing amounts of maintenance. It’ll also vary in weight and may even cause allergic reactions. Please check out the advantages of stainless steel and tungsten.



Stainless steel jewelry is slightly similar in appearance to silver. It is much harder than silver and will not tarnish. White gold and sterling silver pieces often contain a metal called ‘nickel’ which can cause allergic reactions in some people. This is why stainless steel is increasingly used in jewelry. Stainless steel jewelry will not tarnish or rust as easily. If you like the metallic finish and require a robust piece of jewelry capable of withstanding moisture without tarnish or corrosion then stainless steel is a very affordable and wise option.



Tungsten is 4 times harder than any other metal currently used to manufacture jewelry and so it will outlast about everything. Tungsten is quite heavy and due to the expensive manufacturing processes there is currently very little Tungsten jewelry to choose from.


Looking for something which will look new and won’t scratch for the remainder of your lifetime? If you like its color, have found something in the limited range available and your budget permits Tungsten is a great choice. A number of pendants and charms and even bracelets are now available in Tungsten with more styles and designs entering our DolVita online shop shortly.

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